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VISIONTEK – 3D City – 3DMatrix

Visiontek Inc. is a high-tech company which specialized in developing photogrammetry software, providing spatial information digital solution and digital city comprehensive solution and producing 4D products. The core technologies of Visiontek include pattern recognition and feature extraction technology, multi-dimensional data processing platform, mass-geodata cluster calculation technology, three-dimensional visualization and virtual reality technology, feature-based fast retrieval technology for massive image data, heterogenous data sharing technology and the massive image data processing technology based on cloud storage and cloud computing.

Visiontek has developed independently more than twenty products which obtained copyright registration. The main products are as follow: MapMatrix (a new digital photogrammetric system), a comprehensive multi-source geodata processing platform; DATMatrix, a digital aerial triangulation software; EPT, an automatic DOM producing software; LidarMatrix, a laser radar data processing system; 3DMatrix, a visual three-dimensional geodata processing and publishing platform; PicMatrix, an industrial system to generate 3D from massive images; FlightMatirx, a UAV image fast-mosaic system, etc.

Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
MapMatrix is a new digital photogrammetry platform developed by Visiontek Inc. Compared with traditional digital photogrammetry platform, MapMatrix has the following advantages: process automation, integration of data collection and editing, processing massive data (TB). MapMatrix can be applied in the field of 4D products production, disaster evaluation, emergency survey, forestry, water and national defense. It's esteemed as the fastest-growing photogrammetry system in China.

3D City
3DMatrix is a comprehensive visualized 3D geodata processing and publishing system based on B/S frame. It can manage TB level data, including 3D scene data and high accuracy global DSM data. It can publish data to client through internet, and support functions such as real-time browsing of mass data, data uploading, property querying, spatial analysing, etc. This platform has a wide application prospects in digital city, city planning, real estate development, road and bridge design, traffic control and military emulation etc. It not only provides integrated software package for production and processing of 4D basic data, but also uses database manager and project manager to manage data and project to make it to be comprehensive solution for data production, edit, storage, maintenance, update, sharing and value rising.