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With innovative Kurabo's Kuraves software, you can create 3D image data easily just by taking picture from a distance. Kuraves software allows you to create 3D image data of any objects just using 2 or more pictures taken by a normal digital camera. The data will be created as 3D data and the measurements, area, volume, sectional drawing and modeling data of the object can be easily output for various purposes.

- A common digital camera is good enough to use with this software and there is no need for a special nor a professional camera. Kuraves standard software includes the "Lens Distortion Correction" tool which enables any model of camera to be used with this software.
- Three dimensional data can be created by using any reference scale in the picture (if the scale is not in the picture, then the distance between two objects or distance between camera and an object can be used as a reference scale). No need to worry about the camera location.
- Easy to use software for any non-professionals using your own camera and PC. No special tools, knowledge nor skills are required.
- Professional 3D results can be demonstrated visually with using the image data taken by the camera and the "3D Simulation Tool" It is a powerful presentation tool to enable the client review the virtual image.

Performance and Function:
- Correction of Lens Distortion
- Automatic Point Matching
- Geo-referencing tool
- Area/Distance Calculation
- Orthographic 3D viewer
- Contouring/ Cross-section
- Volumetric calculation
- Joining of image files

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